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Take your business up a notch

I believe in setting goals and getting results.

Goal: Design a brand that will attract the right clients and a website that will generate more leads and sales and that will better serve your customers.

Results: A brand you are proud to show off, a business image that reflects YOU. More converting customers and of course, more money!



Create a brand identity that portrays your business right. Starting with pencil to paper, we will work closely together with you designing an innovative logo and impressive design.


You name it, we’ll design it! Invitations, menus, billboards, and car stickers. Whatever your design needs may be, we are here to help and advise with creative marketing ideas and attractive design.


A website without the hassle – sounds too good to be true? It is true – if you choose Brandart. We will design and develop a beautiful website for you from start to finish with all the elements that you need in order to grow your business.

What you can expect from us


I’m the designer. You are not. There may be things you will need to do yourself, (like buying hosting) but I will guide you through.



I’m available for you when it works for you. Work 9 – 5? No problem we’ll talk in evening!



We set a deadline together and that’s that. No excuses from me – you’ll get it in time.

basic seo

We will do our best to optimise your website for search engines, making it visible for your potential clients.


We offer a great maintenance package to save you time whilst knowing your website is in good hands.

responsive design

All our websites are fully responsive and will work beautifully on all devices.


Chanale is amazing to work with! She is easy to communicate with and has really understood what we wanted, producing beautiful work.

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Bnos Edgware

wow your clients (and I’ll wow mine)

Your clients deserve only the best. That’s why I design with your clients in mind. My (obsessive) mantra is: Does this design target your audience? Does this design reflect your business and prove your professionalism? And most importantly, Will this design get you more paying customers?

Our Web Design Process

1. Planning

We begin the process by discussing the goals of the project, the kind of website you need and what features to include. We will discuss styles, colours, tone etc,and we will then collect all the content you want to post on your site and organise it into pages & sections.

2. design

We will design a mock- up of what your home page will look like. This includes your chosen colours, images and content. Our goal is to make you happy, and we will keep revising the end product until you are 100% satisfied.

3. Development

This is where you sit back and relax while we do the hard work! We will fill and code your site, optimise all images for the web, and fix up basic SEO (search engine optimisation).

4. testing

In order to ensure that your website works seamlessly on all browsers and screen sizes, we test it thoroughly. We will also test speed and UX (user experience) and make changes accordingly.

5. launch

Ready, set, go! Your website is up there for all to see and use! Advertising your website now will bring in more customers and in turn rank you higher in SEO.

6. Post launch

We will schedule a time for a quick tutorial to help you maintain your website alone, and of course we are always there if you needs us! Included in your package is  3 months free help and troubleshooting in case something goes wrong.

What you may be thinking…

Frequently Asked Questions

Where should I buy My domain name and hosting services?

There are many different hosting companies out there to choose from. I personally reccomend Siteground as a great, reliable hosting company. Some reasons why I like SiteGround:

  • They have amazing prices that are great value for money.
  • They offer a free ssl certificate called Let’s Encrypt which adds extra security features to your website for no extra cost!
  • They offer great customer support and will help you through any challenge related to your hosting services.
  • Websites hosted with SiteGround are fast.

If you want to go ahead and choose SiteGround as your hosting provider, click on this affiliate link below. Otherwise, if you are a client of mine, I can do it for you all included in the cost of your website.

Web Hosting

What will a website do for my business?

A website is a huge investment in your business. For a relatively small fee, you will be gaining so much:

  • A website upgrades your business from simple to professional. When clients see that you have a website, they automatically respect your business more.
  • A website brings you more clients which in turn brings in more money. When clients in your area search the web for a service or product such as yours, if you have an inviting website, they will find your business and show interest in your product/service.
  • Many bureaucratic offices in this day and age require a business to have a website.
  • A website makes you easily accessible to your clients if they need to find out information about you or get in touch with you. It makes them feel comfortable knowing they can reach you through such an accessible means.
Do I need a copywriter to write content for my website?

You don’t have to hire a copywriter, but it does put you at an advantage in SEO ranks. We don’t proofread or spell-check, so it may be a good idea to send your content to a proof reader if you don’t hire a copywriter.

How long will the whole web design process take?

If we keep our communication as efficient as possible, the whole process should take between 6 and 8 weeks. Delays such as adding content after stage 1 will mean more time needed until your website is ready for launch.

Are there any extra costs?

There may be some extra costs for the following reasons.

1. Plugins. A plugin is a piece of software that extends functionality or adds new features to a website. If you want to use premium (not free) plugins to achieve a higher level of functionality than a free plugin, (eg. for an advanced form), you may need to pay for it. 

2. Extra revisions or changes. If you change your mind about something we have already agreed to (after the included 5 revisions) you will be charged per hour for the changes.

3. Outsourced Developer. If, at any stage of this process, we see that all or part of the functionality of your website needs the expertise of a web developer (as opposed to web designer), we will let you know in advance how much it will cost us to hire a web developer on your behalf. 

These extras will be agreed upon in our contract of work, unless you decide to change aspects of your website later on in the process, wherein we will let you know how much it would cost you to add your changes, and you can decide to go ahead, or leave it.

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